Chettinad Cuisine

Chettinad is a reputed region for ancient Tamilian Dine/Hospitality.  Chettinad is   renowned not only for its Culture, Education, Spirituality, Wealth  and impeccable Building Architecture, but also globally accredited for its Cuisines/food items. Chettinadu Cuisine/Food means a variety of Spices added with flavours in the preparation of each and every Chettinad items.

In order to propagate/introduce these variety of Chettinad Cuisines/Food items at the global level, The Chettinad Snacks and Chettinad Masala have been established.  Based on the advice of great grandmothers and grandmothers of Chettinad Soil, some masala items/varieties meant as essential ingredients for cooking, are traditionally ground and supplied purely and qualitatively, without changing its inherent taste and flavour.

The Chettinad Masala is a food related organisation registered as per law and recognized by Indian Government.  It provides nutritious, healthy and tasty foods to all the gluttons [food-lovers].  All the food items of our company are manufactured inherently and traditionally, without adding any additives [i.e. things which are used for maintaining their colours, tastes and without rancidity/spoilage for a long time].  The traditional food items like – Sweets, Savouries, Masalas, Pickles, Vathalgal, Vadagangal, Various Flour Items, naturally and traditionally extracted Checkku-oils etc. are all manufactured with the respective natural processing procedures.

We are proud to offer the  healthy, quality-oriented and tasty foods required to the public,  especially to the food-lovers for ever.

The Chettinad Masala is the Sign of Traditional Foods in the contemporary globalized business scenario.