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Our List of The 35 Most Important Affiliate Marketing Statistics for 2023

In this approach, you use previous research to continually update your hypotheses based on your expectations and observations. In contrast, the effect size indicates the practical significance of your results. It’s important to report effect sizes along with your inferential statistics for a complete picture of your results.

Just pick a theme, and you’ll get a website for your podcast generated instantly. Its podcast website builder saves beginners a lot of time and money. One of the more recent publicized affiliate marketing fraud cases involved Ads Inc.

Benefits of Analyzing Competing Affiliate Programs

Looking at the eCPA values, it’s easy to see that SITE 5 is the one you should stop. We believe it’s easy to see that the banner which has the highest CTR is also the one with the lowest eCPA. Choose a campaign and analyze all the parameters thoroughly. Just match the campaign’s revenues and the campaign’s costs per day. It’s the only way for you to get relevant and highly-valuable data to analyze. Then it’s super important to have a great tracking solution or at least to configure the postback correctly.

Learn every step that I took to make $6,000 every month from blogging and niche affiliate marketing from here. SaaS-based products generally pay the highest rates of commission, ranging from 20 to 70%. Search engine requests for affiliate marketing grew by over 39% in 2021. Different formulas are used depending on whether you have subgroups or how rigorous your study should be (e.g., in clinical research).

Can affiliate marketing make you rich?

Similarly, the average order value is 21% bigger for affiliate marketing consumers. Finally, these buyers provide 58% higher average customer revenue. It would actually be impossible to work that out because the business model is one of the easiest for anyone to take on. There is no centralized institution that calculates how many individuals work actively as affiliates. So anyone could become an affiliate marketer today for free, promote a couple of products on social media and quit tomorrow.

  • The majority of shoppers use Google (85%) to search for products.
  • It gives you accurate podcast stats like audience data using their industry-first “Unique Monthly Audience” metric.
  • Affiliate marketing swindlers paid more than $4 million to settle FTC charges.
  • Affiliate marketing will come in many forms, mostly under the term martech from app tracking, turning content into shoppable links, and affiliate marketing tool automation.
  • Awin is the affiliate network with the most publisher links.
  • In their affiliate marketing study, IAB UK together with PwC, reported that mobile affiliate spend grew by 49% on a YoY basis.

These are some of the best analytics tools that can help you optimize your podcasts for higher engagement. You can select to use the ones that best suit your business and campaign goals. This podcast analytics tool enables you to distribute your podcast to all major platforms with just one click. This includes platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts. What makes Transistor so easy to use is its website generation tool.

Best Podcast Analytics Tools to Measure Your Success in 2023

Earlier, it was difficult for advertisers and podcasters to find out if their downloaded podcast episodes were actually played. But with Backtracks, you can actually find out if podcast episode downloads resulted in a play. You can record episodes from anywhere using Anchor’s mobile apps and desktop platform. You can get access to detailed audience demographics to understand who’s listening.

analyzing affiliate statistics

VigLink is free to join and offers a broad range of niches. I have never been to America and I don’t know it over there. But in Kenya there are too many people try affiliating with all kinds of systems.

Affiliate marketing spending makes up 16% of all online orders, affiliate marketing success stats show. A lift analysis allows you to dive into specific events that may have had an impact on your affiliate marketing program and make sense of the effects of those events. This lesson covers reasons to conduct a lift analysis, key components of a lift analysis as well as the calculation you can use to conduct a lift analysis.


You can join the big affiliate networks and instantly get access to thousands of affiliates, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you see sales. About 76% of publishers say they like affiliate marketing because it monetizes their content. 79% of marketers use affiliate marketing to reach their existing customers. More than 85% of marketers expect affiliate marketing revenue to grow. The top affiliate networks have over 100,000 affiliates and thousands of merchants.

analyzing affiliate statistics

Research we previously reported predicted the affiliate marketing industry to have an estimated worth of $12 billion in 2022, so the industry has grown much more rapidly than expected. And we have yet to see figures from the post-Covid era, where the value of the affiliate marketing industry is likely to be higher yet. In this article, we’re listing the top affiliate marketing statistics for 2023 that every advertiser and affiliate marketer should know. Mailchimp is a one-stop shop that helps you connect with your clients and other interested parties. It’s a powerful tool for customer data analysis and for designing an effective email marketing campaign. It’s an excellent tool that helps you monitor the nature of traffic that converts with specific ads or copies by analyzing your collected data.

Organic search has a 53% traffic share on average across industries

Understand what average performance looks like and assess typical results for key metrics. There are other sites like Statistica but they charge to view and also not all the results are available. That’s why invidisual why analyzing affiliate statistics and reports is important for a brok sites like yours come in useful for people with no budget. With great insights I would recommend your page to anyone. Also they seem to be sending messages from a mobile device which is also interesting.

Companies that use affiliate marketing in the gaming industry mostly rely on this model, as well as the mixed one. So, for example, in over 30% of cases, the gaming industry combines cost per action and revenue share as affiliate models. Only 19% of affiliate transactions fall under the CPA model. Some of the top markets for gaming affiliates include the UK (43%), the US (33%), and Asia (23%).

The best tools for analyzing affiliate marketing data

Different types of interaction, such as scrolls, clicks, and searches, are displayed as events, giving a detailed impression of user behavior. GA4 tracks information across multiple platforms, including the official website and app. It offers unique listener reports, as well as cross comparing analytics between two episodes of the same podcast.

The spend has steadily grown since, and it’s projected to reach 8.2 billion dollars, i.e. over 5 times during the 12 years. But that rise was just temporary, nothing compared to the substantial rise in the past few years. You probably don’t need an explanation – the global pandemic, remote work opportunities, and the rise in unemployment rates helped more people aware of affiliate marketing in 2020. The vaccine rollouts in 2021 helped people return to work, which resulted in a decrease in trends. 2022 is the year we appreciate the time we spend with our loved ones at home while balancing between whatever day job we have and the ability to monetise our online presence. Is said to be the largest community for new affiliate marketers and has welcomed 1.4 million people in the past 17 years of business.

As you get into it, you’ll understand that there are a lot more parameters and variables to be tracked and analyzed. The revenues you’ve gotten from the conversions/subscriptions your traffic has generated. FinancesOnline is available for free for all business professionals interested in an efficient way to find top-notch SaaS solutions. We are able to keep our service free of charge thanks to cooperation with some of the vendors, who are willing to pay us for traffic and sales opportunities provided by our website. Since April 2020, more than 30% of online shoppers who made their first purchase from a brand used an affiliate link. Cash-back and loyalty programs account for 43% of total affiliate sales, followed by voucher codes (30%).

Largest affiliate networks have 100K+ active affiliates

There are a bunch of Excel pivot table tips and tricks for you to know. As previously mentioned, Pivot tables will allow you to easily analyze this data. They want to find what they could do with the data to find the campaign’s best-converting segments. It represented the traffic an affiliate had sent to an offer. You’ve checked all these amazing Excel tricks and awesome examples. This incredible function is great for comparing and connecting different sets of data.

Is affiliate marketing worth it in 2023?

Because your value is between 0.1 and 0.3, your finding of a relationship between parental income and GPA represents a very small effect and has limited practical significance. Statistically significant results are considered unlikely to have arisen solely due to chance. There is only a very low chance of such a result occurring if the null hypothesis is true in the population. If you have only one sample that you want to compare to a population mean, use a one-sample test. Correlation tests assess relationships between variables without assuming causation.

According to the Awin Report, content and blogger websites earned almost a 40% share of publisher commissions in the U.S. This is part of the growing diversification of affiliate channels. Consumers want to play it safe and avoid overpaying for products online. Not surprisingly, the most popular way to find more information on those items is to type a search query on Google.