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When To Choose Scripted Testing Over Exploratory Testing

The term comes from the French word ‘évaluer’, meaning “to find the value of”. The origin is from the Latin term ‘valere’ meaning “be strong, be well; be of value, or be worth”. The results of exploratory testing aren’t necessarily radically different from those of scripted testing, and the two approaches to testing are fully compatible. Companies such as Nortel and Microsoft commonly use both approaches on the same project. Still there are many important differences between the two approaches. Test scripts are a line-by-line list of all the activities that must be performed and tested on various user journeys.

  • Each document is composed of a number of sections.
  • Exploratory Testing is a style of software testing where there is less of a structure and a specified process.
  • To ensure the quality of the application, there are various software testing methods used.
  • In the early stages of software development when the code is undergoing rapid changes, exploratory testing can be highly effective.
  • This structure comes from Charter, time boxing etc.

For example, a test case might say “Test that discount codes can be applied on top of a sale price.” This doesn’t mention how to apply the code or whether there are multiple ways to apply the code. The actual testing that will cover this test case may vary from time to time. Test cases give flexibility to the tester to decide exactly how they want to complete the test. Because scripted tests are created from requirements, design, and code, all important attributes of the system will be covered by tests and this coverage can be demonstrated. Introduction – A summary of the software to be tested.

This Test Script tutorial will teach you how to

Charters define expectations without forcing the test to a specific result. Scripted testing doesn’t take much time and is more accurate, but exploratory testing has more user aspects. For example, exploratory testing might include personal biases and vary from app to app while performing tests. In this article, we will explore what is exploratory testing, scripted testing and how both these techniques work. We’ll also describe the difference between them and the best scenario in which to use them. The test charters are used to outline the areas and features or functionality of the application which are important.

What are your thoughts on exploratory testing and scripted testing? In a perfect world we would see a mixture of both scripted and exploratory testing applied to a piece of software. This would give the best of both worlds and allow the design team to see as many angles as possible, thus making the release as bulletproof as possible. Scripted testing can simply lead a tester to a desired result. I liken it to a classroom teacher who teaches to the test.

Scripted testing follows a path that is written by the tester themselves or someone else. The script includes test cases and test steps that are documented. There can be no deviation from the path laid out in the script.

definition of scripted testing

The underlying idea for this testing is that the ability to detect defects by a tester goes down with the time. This implicates that the longer the time a tester devotes for testing; the lower will be the productivity of the tester. This flexibility from test cases is both good and bad. Flexibility is beneficial when the tester is familiar with testing and familiar with the software under test and the current set of risks in the software.

When Should You Use a Test Script?

Use our step-by-step template to prepare your QA plan based on real examples from startups like AppZen, Gumroad, Linktree, and Tailwind. Mind mappingdefines the goals of a test charter or session testing. Results can be non-standardized across different testers. Tracking and repeatability become easy with standardized documentation. Incident description – Describes the incident in terms of inputs, expected results, actual results, environment, attempts to repeat, etc.

Imagine users have left several negative app store reviews of your workplace productivity app. For example, the users expressed frustration when the app crashed while attempting to view images in both vertical and horizontal orientation. Structured exploratory test plans based on user feedback give testers high-level guardrails to reproduce issues and uncover new items.

definition of scripted testing

The plainest definition of exploratory testing is test design and test execution at the same time. Exploratory tests, unlike scripted tests, are not defined in advance and carried out precisely according to plan. This may sound like a straightforward distinction, but in practice it’s murky. Even an otherwise elaborately defined test procedure will leave many interesting details to the discretion of the tester. Conversely, even a free-form exploratory test session will involve tacit constraints or mandates about what parts of the product to test, or what strategies to use. A good exploratory tester will write down test ideas and use them in later test cycles.

ReQtest allows you to manage your manual and automated testing efforts at a single place. It offers a one-stop solution to view the test execution results of the testing and gain insights through reports. You can easily collaborate with your team members while performing testing. Scripted testing is well-suited for testing high-risk applications such as financial applications. This approach is well-suited when there is enough time for documentation and planning.

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Let’s suppose we’re going to go by their CSS element IDs. In the automated testing environment, Test Script is employed. E-commerce businesses lose 35% of their revenue due to poor user experience, according…

definition of scripted testing

Transmittal report identifier – A unique identifier so that this document can be distinguished from all other documents. Test procedure specification identifier – A unique identifier so that this document can be distinguished from all other documents. This ensures that each function is thoroughly evaluated and that no phases in the software testing process are overlooked. The test script, the most extensive method of documenting testing, is the starting point for this tale.

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However, and somewhat paradoxically, it has also led to lessened respect for the value of skilled testers, as a result of shifting some test-related responsibilities to the developer role. In spite of this mixed influence, exploratory testing is still slowly gaining acceptance as part of a broader “Agile testing” skill set. In essence, test charters give testers direction without restricting where they can go.

As a result, the number of released apps and programs increases daily. As a result, the quality of these programs has become a primary differentiating factor in assessing how an app performs. Scripted testing is often used to “de-skill” the job of testing. The approach seems to be, “Teach a tester a skill or two and send them off to document mountains of tests. The sheer bulk of the tests will probably find most of the defects.” Scripted testing is very dependent on the quality of the system’s requirements.

definition of scripted testing

Functional QA testing services match your product vision with end-user experience, so you always deliver on functional specifications. Functional testing service providers come in many shapes and sizes, with QA, QE, crowd testing, outsourcing, full-time, part-time, and on-demand testing options. The developers’ task here is to implement the test script code for the keywords and to update it as required. As a result, the tester does not have to be concerned about the system while using this approach. For any new feature you wish to test automatically, however, they will heavily depend on development resources.

What Does Test Script Mean?

Exploratory testing which is a context-driven testing approach is well-suited for agile development as it keeps up with the short scrum cycles. The test outlines are developed on the fly that saves a lot of time. At the end of each agile cycle, critical exploratory tests can be captured for subsequent scrums. Test summary report identifier – A unique identifier (imagine that!) so that this document can be distinguished from all other documents. Test incident report identifier – A unique identifier so that this document can be distinguished from all other documents.

What’s the difference between functional and non-functional software testing?

It lays down each action to be followed, along with the intended outcomes. The testers may then test each step on a variety of devices in a methodical manner. Scenario testing is defined as testing that follows a set of test steps. In the scripted testingapproach, testers follow a script of predetermined tests and steps. To ensure this quality, QA experts use different testing techniques. Two of the most prominent techniques are exploratory testing and scripted testing.

The testers are free to use their own testing approach within those parameters. There is no need to strictly follow those parameters but they act as a guideline. The second most detailed way of documenting testing work is to use test cases. Test cases describe a specific idea that is to be tested, without detailing the exact steps to be taken or data to be used.

What is a Test Script and how do I write one?

Also describes, if known, the impact this incident will have on further testing. Description – Identifies the items being tested and the environment under which the test was performed. Special procedural requirements – Defines any special setup, execution, or cleanup definition of scripted testing procedures unique to this test case. Features to be tested – Identifies the test items and the features that are the object of this test design specification. A standardized set can also provide a baseline for the evaluation of current test documentation practices.

Approach – The overall approach to testing that will ensure that all items and their features will be adequately tested. At a macro level, software testing is an activity that seeks to find bugs or problems in software products. A Test Script Template is a reusable structured document that provides pre-selected information that is necessary to create a viable test script. This document establishes the level of depth in your tests as well as the information that should be provided in each test case. Does that mean that exploratory testing is perfect and the answer to every software manufacturers’ dreams? In fact, while exploratory testing may uncover the completely unexpected shortcoming of a program it could also miss the simplest problem because the tester simply never got there.